EGE SKY is founded as a marketing and sales of construction materials company In 1996. In 2012 EGE SKY evaluated the needs of the period and focused more on the construction sector and continued in construction and investments.

In 2012, EGE SKY opened a regional office in Erbil, IRAQ, and started to serve in this region. At the same time, EGE SKY entered the food sector under the name of EGE SKY FOOD and reached a competitive and more professional structure in the food sector as well.

2017 to 2018 EGE SKY completed an 8.700sqm private school in Erbil and started to serve as the distributor of many important brands in the Erbil region

Today, besides construction activities, EGE SKY and EGE SKY FOOD are marketing producer and serving both local and foreign retail and wholesale markets.

Our Mission

As EGE SKY, to provide professional services to our customers that result in the desired sustainable effect with the highest quality service and to put our name at the Top of the Successful Construction Company and Food distribution company list

Quality Policy

Our quality policy is to understand our customers’ expectations and achieving perfection by working in conformity to specifications and standards.

The basic principles supporting our policy:

• Targeting perfection

• Working efficiently in order to add value

• Taking responsibility of quality with all our management and employees

• Increasing our skills and understanding of quality through education

• Encouraging harmony, activity and creativity through teamwork

• Cooperating with our Contractors at every opportunity with an eye to continuous development and an approach of mutual benefit.

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